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Monster Hunter Ties up with Karaoke Bar Pasela... Again

Cha Cha honey toast on the way in celebration of MH3's release.


Capcom is celebrating Monster Hunter 3's impending release the same way it seems to celebrate all Monster Hunter developments these days -- through a tie-up with karaoke chain Pasela.

Next month, visitors to the nationwide karaoke facilities will be able to take part in the Hunter's Banquet Final event. From August 1 through August 31, patrons will have access to a menu that includes special Monster Hunter food and drink items.

Most of the items, including the Well Cooked Meat, the giant onigiri, and the Old Dragon's Blood cocktail were used in past Pasela promotions. New for this promotion is a honey toast item themed around MH3's new Cha Cha mascot.

The creation of these items was supervised by the Monster Hunter development team and created by Pasela's "first class" (according to Capcom's press release) chefs.

This tie-up is being held in celebration of MH3's release, which is set for August 1.

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