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Katamari Damacy Hits Home

Namco Bandai offers t-shirts and figures in PlayStation Home. Plus, details on Trophy support and the staff roll for Tribute.


Namco Bandai is bringing the Katamari Damacy series to PlayStation Home, just in time for Tribute's July 23 release.

Starting on the 23rd, Home users will have access to Katamri t-shirts and props. Namco Bandai shared an early glimpse today:

Pricing and more will be revealed in a future update.

The latest Katamari Damacy screenshot blast from Namco Bandai today offered a look at some other areas of note for the game.

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As one should expect of a PS3 game nowadays, Katamari Damacy Tribute will include Trophy support. The image grab released by Namco Bandai showed Trophies for such accomplishments as "first katamari," "big katamari," and "big, big katamari."

Tribute will continue the tradition of giving players a mini game to play during the staff roll. This is something that we've seen in past Katamari games. Tribute will include its own game, but will also include the games from We Love Katamari Damacy and Beautiful Katamari Damacy. These will be compatible with net rankings.

You can see some of the new features in this newly released Tribute promotional video:


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