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Date Set for Bayonetta

Sega gives a final date for PS3 and 360 action title and also shares a pre-order bonus.


Sega announced today a final release date of October 29 for Bayonetta. The game will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously, priced at ¥7,980.

Bayonetta is the latest game from Osaka-based Platinum Games, a studio formed from former Capcom talent. The studio has previously released Mad World for the Wii (not available in Japan) and Infinite Space for the DS.

Those who pre-order Bayonetta will get a special bonus in the form of a soundtrack titled "Rodin's Selection". Bundled in an 18.7x13.8 cm package with a 16 page booklet, the item is meant to look like it's from from Rodin's Gates of Hell shop from the game.

Older shots of Bayonetta.

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