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Persona 5 Set for PS3?

An unexpected source mentions the next numbered Megaten game.


First reports of a new numbered Persona game for the PS3 are coming in today through Japanese gaming blogs. The original source for the story is not a video game magazine like Famitsu or Dengeki, but a pachinko website!

7-Rush, a pachinko information site from Sports Nippon, had a blurb in an article from earlier in the month suggesting that Persona 5 is on the way for PlayStation 3. A report dated July 2 at the site covers a press conference from pachinko machine maker Taiyo Elec which offered the press a look at the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei K pachislot machine. The end of the article noted that the machine would be released to pachinko halls in August and also mentioned the possibility of a "Megaten boom" throughout Japan with "PlayStation 3's Persona 5, which is scheduled to be announced."

It should be stressed again that this article is dated July 2. I'm not sure why Japanese gaming blogs are just now picking up on it, but presumably the general Megaten fans just don't keep up with the pachinko scene all that much.

This should probably be considered a rumor for now. However, August is approaching, so if Atlus does indeed hope to cause a Megaten boom with both the pachinko machine and the new PS3 game, we'll probably hear something shortly.

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