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These Are the Girls of Gotoku

Porn stars, singers, college students. A good mix, and you'll get to vote on them!


For a series that's come to be known for its wild promotional campaigns, this latest campaign is likely the wildest one yet. Sega is entering the final leg of a promotion that will determine a set of real life girls to appear in the next Ryu ga Gotoku (aka Yakuza) game as hostesses. The best part is, the general public gets to vote!

As first detailed in early May, Sega will select five to ten members of the general public to have their likeness appear as hostesses in the next PlayStation 3 entry in the Yakuza series. After receiving around 1,500 applications, Sega narrowed the candidates down to 60, who were given a chance to appear before series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi late last month. That second judging phase resulted in 16 finalists who will be voted on by the general public.

The public voting opened up on Friday and will run through August 25. To vote, simply visit Sega's special voting page. After scrutinizing the 16 girls at the top of the page -- click on each girl for a video interview -- select your choice from the menu at the bottom of the page, then press the red voting button to the right of the form. Be sure and enter your e-mail address and the capcha phrase first.

Here's a quick English profile of each girl. They're listed here in the order shown in the drop down voting menu, so you can count down to your favorite if you have trouble matching up the names to the kanji.

水谷 望愛 / Noa Mizutani

A 20-year-old ballet teacher from Nagoya.

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森 摩耶 / Maya Mori

A 23-year-old magazine model from Kanagawa. She appears in the popular "Jelly" magazine.

齋藤 支靜加 / Shizuka Saito

Tied for the oldest candidate at 28, Shizuka hails from Tokyo and is currently attending a trade school of some form. She's been doing Japanese dance for fourteen years.

桜井 愛 / Ai Sakurai

A 22-year-old from Gunma, Ai works in the "service" industry. "Service" industry can mean a number of things, but here it apparently means hostess clubs, as Sega's description says that Ai is the number 1 hostess in Gunma.


Rio is a 22-year-old from Tokyo who's profession is "Sexy Talent." Sega describes her as "No.1 Sexy Talent."

河崎 姫華 / Himeka Kawasaki

A 23-year-old from Osaka. She's currently a hostess, and is known for being all smiles and full of energy.

小松崎 真理 / Mari Komatsuzaki

This 20-year-old from Tochigi is a "Reading Model." I have no idea what that means, but she does apparently model for gal (teen) magazines and beauty products.

水季 可奈 / Kana Mizuki

At 28, she's one of the two oldest candidates. Hailing from Kanagawa, Kana is a singer and talent who still does live gigs.

愛原 エレナ / Elena Aihara

A 24-year-old, from Kyoto. She currently works as a hostess. So do her two younger sisters. She promises to please you with her Kyoto accent.

有川 知里 / Chiri Arikawa

A 19-year-old from Tokyo who currently work as a gravure idol. Notable for her I cup.

茜 まなみ / Manami Akane

An 18-year old originating from Shiga. She's a student, but also works as hostess.

有村 絵里 / Eri Arimura

A 20-year-old from Chiba who works as a "freeter," which is a Japanese term used often for someone who jumps around between part time jobs.

白咲 麻衣子 / Maiko Shirosaki

A 26-year-old from Shizuoka, she currently works as a hostess in Kabukicho, the area of Tokyo's Shinjuku ward that served as the model for Yakuza's Kamiyacho neon city. She's cool, and an "S" type girl, which Sega says is something the "M" type men in the world should desire.

滝沢 あんず / Anzu Takizawa

A 21-year-old hostess from Kyoto. She likes aquariums.

立石 都美 / Miyabi Tateishi

A 20-year-old student from Okayama, Miyabi has the charms of a non-calcluating natural girl.

一木 千洋 / Chihiro Ikki

A 20-year-old student from Shiuzoka, she has experience with kabuki. Sega's official text exclaims: "Are there really normal girls like this as hostesses!?"

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