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Namco Bandai Plans Tekken 6 Collectors' Box

Your favorite fighter, with a slick Hori arcade stick. Plus, more special costumes for the 360 and PS3 ports.


Tekken 6's Autumn release is fast approaching, and Namco Bandai looks like it has some big things planned for the long awaited home ports, from special costumes to a special edition release. Famitsu.com shared details over the weekend, corresponding with coverage in its print version.

The special edition is officially known as the "Collectors' Box." Included inside are a wireless arcade stick from Hori and an art book. The sticks have white and black color schemes for, respectively, PS3 and Xbox 360, but otherwise appear to be identical.

The PS3 (left) and Xbox 360 (right) arcade sticks.

Unfortunately, Famitsu doesn't provide a look at the art book. It also doesn't provide a price.

Also shown at the site is the second in a series of special "EX Costumes" for the game. Joining the CLAMP-designed Jin costume that was unveiled late last month is a costume for Zafina. This one was designed by Mutsumi Inomata, one of the main Tales series character designers.

Tekken 6 will also have a Lars costume designed by Naruto manga creator Masashi Kishimoto. Images of this have yet to be shown.

Also be sure and visit the Famitsu.com article for a look at the game's character customization mode, where you use fight money to purchase equipment which can be used to customize your character, affecting not just physical appearance, but also adding extra moves.

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