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Final Fantasy IV Hits Virtual Console in August

Square Enix celebrates the Japanese release of The After Years with a surprise announcement.


The Japanese version of WiiWare's Final Fantasy IV The After Years became available for download today. The opening volume of the game is priced at 800 WiiPoints and can be downloaded via the Wii Shopping Channel.

The After Years is a direct sequel to the original Super Famicom Final Fantasy IV. Originally released for cell phones as a series of paid download volumes, the game came to WiiWare first in overseas markets.

In Japan, today's opening volume will be followed by nine paid downloadable volumes. These run 300 WiiPoints, except for the final chapter, which is priced at 800 WiiPoints.

Square Enix celebrated the release of the opening volume with an announcement today of more Final Fantasy to come. The original Final Fantasy IV will hit the Virtual Console on August 4, the company announced. This first Super Famicom FF game will sell for 900 WiiPoints.

News of FFIV's Virtual Console release shouldn't come as a surprise, as Square Enix has been releasing Virtual Console FF games at a rate of about one a month. The company has promised eventual VC releases for all FF games through FFVI.

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