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Dragon Quest IX Remains Atop Media Create Charts

DS crosses 27 million.


Dragon Quest IX made it to the top of the Media Create charts in its second week of sales, outselling all other games in the top ten combined. In hardware, the DS platform, fueled by the Square Enix hit and other factors, crossed another million mark.

Following its 2.3 million debut, DQIX managed 613,000 units this week, bringing its sales total to just under the three million mark. Square Enix already announced last week that the game's shipments have reached the mark.

DQIX continues to sell at a better pace than its predecessor. Media Create reports that in its second week, DQVIII was at the 2.64 million mark.

The PS3 version of Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 6 took second for the week with 74,000 units. The PS2 version debuted at fifth with 50,000 units. Together, the two failed to reach the combined 140,000 units (60,000 for the PS3, 80,000 for the PS2) of last year's version. However, this is the first time the PS3 entry has topped the PS2 version.

Also debuting this week was Ys I&II Chronicles on the PSP. Falcom's updated remake of the first two Ys games pushed 19,000 units. For Ys fans and PSP owners, the real attraction is presumably Ys Seven, an original PSP entry in the series that's due out in September.

Here's the full top 10, covering July 13 through July 19.

  • Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix, DS): 613,000 (2,932,000 total)
  • Pro Baseball Spirits 6 (Konami, PS3): 74,000
  • Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Wii): 72,000 (689,000)
  • Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS): 61,000 (354,000)
  • Pro Baseball Spirits 6 (Konami, PS2): 50,000
  • Ys I&II Chronicles (Falcom, PSP): 19,000
  • My Summer Vacation 4 (SCE, PSP): 17,000 (91,000)
  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva (Sega, PSP): 15,000 (131,000)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP the Best (Capcom, PSP): 11,000 (800,000)
  • Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon, DS): 9,000 (2,481,000)

Debuting outside the top 10 this week were Kupu!! Mame Goma! (Creative Core, DS) at 22, and the Aqua Price 2800 budget re-release of Tears to Tiara (Aqua Plus, PS3) at 35.

In hardware, DS continued its post Dragon Quest IX sales surge. Media Create states that in addition to the effect of the game, Nintendo Zone and DSiWare have been playing a role in driving recent demand for the system. Total sales for all versions of the system have now topped the 27 million mark.

Here's the full hardware chart.

  • DSi: 96,986 (118,202)
  • PSP : 24,053 (26,527)
  • Wii: 20,807 (22,141)
  • DS Lite: 9,932 (9,864)
  • PS3: 8,865 (10,161)
  • PS2 : 3,352 (3,508)
  • Xbox 360: 2,899 (3,561)

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