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Valkyria Chronicles 2 to Be Shown at Tokyo Game Show

Edie Nelson presses the producer about the battle system.


It's a bit early to be talking about Tokyo Game Show lineups, but one company's plans for the show already have me excited. Sega revealed today that the recently announced Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be shown at the event!

This announcement came in the latest post at the Valkyria Chronicles blog, where producer Shuntaro Tanaka once again sat down for a mock interview with Edie Nelson and other characters from the original Valkyria.

Sadly, Tanaka didn't specifically state that the game would appear in a playable state. Although given the game's winter release, it definitely sounds like a possibility.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tanaka spoke a bit about the game's BLiTZ System. As previously detailed, Valkyria 2 inherits this system from its predecessor, but adds in some major power ups.

Tanaka refers to the BLiTZ system as one of the fundamental systems of the original. "As long as it's Valkyria, we have to properly replicate it," he says about the system.

In making the move to the PSP, there are a number of changes at the control level to the system -- things that had to be implemented because the PSP has a different control layout. However, he feels that players will still get the feeling that they're playing Valkyria.

As for those powered up areas, although pressed by Edie, Tanaka said he couldn't say too much.

He did share one point, however. It's something that Valkyria fans might have noticed in today's screenshot batch:

In the above map, the L and R buttons allow you to switch the map between the various areas of play. Yes, the game's maps now consist of multiple connected areas. The maps all co-exist, so you can consider the whole area as one giant map.

Tanaka wouldn't specify how the areas are connected. Edie complained that this was second time today he'd said he couldn't say something and she threatened to get violent. He relented and revealed that the areas are connected at "base" points, and that the the battles at these areas would be more intense than even in the last Valkyria.

Apparently realizing that she'd gotten her way with Tanaka, Edie decided to press him to say for sure if she'd be appearing in the game. She'd requested the same information in the first blog post last week about Valkyria 2. Tanaka once again ducked the question and fled the scene.

Sega will have another one of these blog dialogs next week, so maybe Edie can ask then. In the meanwhile, check out the new screens.

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