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The Tower DS Set for DSi Ware

Play the last stage of Vivarium's tower building sim.


Another DS title is getting shrunk down to downloadable size for distribution through DSiWare. Digi Toys recently announced that The Tower DS will be hitting the download service next month under the name The Tower DS Classic.

Developed by Seaman creator Vivarium, 2008's The Tower DS and its Game Boy Advance predecessor The Tower SP are simulation games where you attempt to build and manage a variety of different buildings. Starting with a small building, your creation will slowly rise, gaining new tenants and earning you more money.

The DSiWare version includes the final stage from The Tower DS. While starting out at the last stage may seem tough, the game will include explanations of all its various systems.

A complex simulation, coming to DSiWare.

Look for The Tower DS Classic through on August 26. The game is being priced at 1,000 DSi Points.

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