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Special Guest Appears at Dragon Quest IX Net Shop

Plus, the latest quest info.


It's that time of the week again! Dragon Quest IX gets its weekly quest downloads on Fridays, but Square Enix is always good enough to share the details in advance, usually late, late Wednesday night.

This Friday, the triple platinum RPG will see two quests.

Quest number 124, Abunai Haka Mairi (Dangerous Tomb Trip) can be taken from an elderly lady in a graveyard in the main town of St. Shutein. Help the lady get an item that she's longing for, and you'll get six extremely rare alchemy recipes.

Can you find this elderly lady?

Quest number 125 is the second story quest. Titled Ruida no Himitsu (Ruida's Secret), this quest can also be taken at St. Shutein. It appears that Rikka is concerned about something relating to Ruida. Clear this quest, and you may end up hearing some shocking information about Ruida's past.

Rikka is troubled.

Both quests require that you've beaten the game. The Ruida quest requires that you've beaten last week's story quest , Rikka's Dream Treasure.

In addition to this quest information, Square Enix announced today that a special guest will be appearing at the game's Wi-Fi Shopping service on Friday. The guest will bring rare items.

A special guest appears at Rikka's Inn

Who is this mystery guest? Square Enix would only provide a silhouette:

Who is this mystery character?

As with the quest downloads, the special guest will always be accessible to those who connect online with the game. Even if you're busy on Friday, you'll be able to download it on Saturday or any time in the future.

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