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Three Weeks in a Row for Dragon Quest IX

Square Enix blockbuster tops three million in week full of new releases.

Square Enix continues to push Dragon Quest IX through highly publicized weekly quests.

Dragon Quest IX survived a flood of new releases consisting of such names as Chibi Robo and Katamari Damacy and took the top spot in Media Create's rankings for the third week in a row. Meanwhile, the DS continued to fall back to normal levels but still outsold all other platforms combined.

As reported by rival tracking firm Enterbrain earlier in the week, DQIX crossed the three million mark this week. It's predecessor, Dragon Quest VIII, took an additional two weeks to reach the mark, according to Media Create.

Among new releases, the latest Penguin no Mondai game saw the biggest debut with 43,000 units. This was a bit lower than the 59,000 of its predecessor, Penguin no Mondai Saikyou Penguin Densetsu!, but that release came during the holiday season.

Here's the full top 10 for the week covering July 20 through July 26.

  • Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix, DS): 270,000 (3,202,000)
  • Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS): 74,000 (428,000)
  • Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Wii): 74,000 (763,000)
  • Penguin Mondai X Tenkuu no 7-senshi (Konami, DS): 43,000
  • Chibi Robo! Happy Rich Daisouji! (Nintendo, DS): 35,000
  • Katamari Forever (Namco Bandai, PS3): 28,000
  • Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble X (Takara Tomy, NDS): 28,000
  • Pro Baseball Spirits 6 (Konami, PS2): 22,000 (72,000)
  • Pro Baseball Spirits 6 (Konami, PS3): 21,000 (95,000)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP the Best (Capcom, PSP): 18,000 (818,000)

Debuting outside of the top ten this week were Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Daibouken (Namco Bandai, Wii) at 13, Moshiyamon DS (Takara Tomy, DS) at 14, Punch-out (Nintendo, Wii) at 17, Toro to Mori Mori (Sony, PS3) at 19, Rosario to Vampire (Compile Hearts, PS2) at 23, Blazing Souls Accelate (Idea Factory, PSP) at 30, Koukou Yakyuudo DS (Spike, DS) at 33, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Bethesda Software, PS3) at 35, Call of Juarez (Ubisoft, PS3) at 40, and Project Witch (Gung-ho Works, PSP) at 44.

Although not placing in the top ten, Wii Fit was notable this week as it topped the 3.5 million mark. It's the second Wii game following Wii Sports to do so. Wii Fit placed 16 this week.

In the hardware charts, DSi continued to drop following its Dragon Quest IX burst. PSP saw a slight rise while the PS3 and Xbox 360 continued to falter. Wii saw a slight boost, possibly in anticipation of the coming release of Monster Hunter 3.

Here's the full hardware chart, with last week's figures in parentheses.

  • DSi: 80,362 (96,986)
  • PSP : 30,523 (24,053)
  • Wii: 23,995 (20,807)
  • DS Lite: 12,385 (9,932)
  • PS3: 8,997 (8,865)
  • PS2 : 3,305 (3,352)
  • Xbox 360: 3,080 (2,899)

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