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Wii Sports Creeping Up on 50 Million

Nintendo shares detailed sales stats for its key games.

Wii Fit Plus hits on October 1. Will it be the top selling game for next year's first quarter?

Nintendo followed up on yesterday's earnings report with a supplemental report today sharing more detailed sales information for some of its key games.

The biggest Nintendo branded game for the first quarter (April 2009 through June 2009) was Wii Fit. The game sold 3.6 million copies worldwide, of which 130,000 came from Japan and 3.47 million came from overseas. In all, the game has sold 21.82 million units worldwide since release.

As reported earlier this week, Wii Fit Plus is set for October 1. Nintendo is charging just ¥2,000 for the base game, making it an attractive upgrade for current Balance Wii Board owners.

Mario Kart Wii was the second best selling Nintendo game for the quarter. Its 2 million in worldwide sales splits 90,000 for Japan and 1.91 million for the rest of the world. Nintendo has sold 17.39 million total copies of the racer since its release.

Wii Sports continues to sell and was Nintendo's third biggest performer for the quarter with 1.91 million units. This breaks down to 60,000 for Japan and 1.85 million elsewhere. The game, which is bundled with the Wii overseas (but not in Japan) has now sold 47.62 million units worldwide, hardware bundled versions included.

On DS, the big game for the quarter was Pokemon Platinum, with its 1.91 million units split 60,000 for Japan and 1.85 million for the rest of the world. Total sales for the game stand at 5.66 million units.

For reference, for the same quarter last year, the best selling Nintendo branded games were: Mario Kart Wii (6.42 million), Wii Sports (4.76 million), Wii fit (3.42 million), Wii Play (2.54 million) and Super Mash Bros. Brawl (1.96 million).

No wonder Nintendo's software sales were down for the quarter!

For more on Nintendo's earnings, including a schedule of releases (I don't see anything new in there, but help yourself!), check out Nintendo's investor relations' page. You can also click here for direct access to the English PDF:

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