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Dragon Quest Creator Yuji Horii to Speak at CEDEC

Famous designer to explore reasons for DQ series' success.


CESA announced today the third keynote speaker for the upcoming CEDEC develoepers conference. While the first two announced speakers aren't directly related to the video game industry, the third one most definitely is. Taking the stage on the third day will be none other than Yuji Horii, father of the Dragon Quest series.

Horii will be joined by Square Enix's Ryutaro Ichimura and Jin Fujisawa, respectively producer and director of the recent Dragon Quest IX. Their speech will explore the reasons for Dragon Quest's continued success and also describe the development of a "kokuminteki" game using Dragon Quest IX's as an example. The phrase "kokuminteki" is often used to describe extremely popular products and can be taken to mean that the product reaches the whole of the nation.

The DQ developers' speech will take place on September 3. It will be preceded by a speech from Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino on the 2nd and educator Hiroshi Harashima on the 1st.

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