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Nintendo Offers Presents for Pokemon

Straps and a super limited edition art book for next week's big WiiWare release.


WiiWare is getting one of its biggest releases ever next week as three versions of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon hit the service simultaneously. How is Nintendo celebrating? Through Club Nintendo, of course! The rewards service will be giving presents to a few lucky buyers of the WiiWare release.

The star gift is a popup art book. This will be given to 50 people, selected from those who purchase at least two versions of the game. The book appears to be totally limited edition -- to the tune of exactly 50 in the world! Pokemon collectors should start getting nervous now.

Nintendo will also be giving away cell phone straps. These are available in three varieties, one for each version of the game. Buyers will automatically be entered into a drawing depending on which version of the game they buy. Each strap will be available in quantities of 200.

The book (left) and the straps (right).

In addition to this prize information, Nintendo opened its own official site for the new game. There doesn't appear to be any additional information there aside from what was previously announced by Pokemon itself, but you will find a few tiny screenshots.

Three versions of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon hit simultaneously. Will you buy them all?

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