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So Will Edy Nelson Appear in Valkyria Chronicles 2?

The producer gets a major head wound before we can find out.


With Valkyria Chronicles 2 seeing a new story and setting, there was some concern that fan favorite characters like Edy Nelson wouldn't appear in the game. Sega has thus far introduced only original characters for the sequel.

Edy herself has been grilling Valkyria series producer Shuntaro Tanaka on the issue of her appearance in the game for the past two weeks at the Valkyria Chronicles blog. Today, Tanaka at long last attempted to give the answer.

But just as he was about to reveal all, he was silenced by some well aimed fire to the head.

Tanaka did mention one additional point about the game.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 will feature a whole lot of extra variety in terms of troop types. Whereas the original had, including advanced classes, just 10, Valkyria 2 has 35!

Those images probably don't help much, but Tanaka would not share further specifics.

We could get more next week through the blog, though. Edy promises to press another staff member and learn everything there is to know about the game!

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