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Phantasy Star Portable Sequel on the Way?

Followup said to be on the way for winter release.


It sold many hundreds of thousands of copies. So it probably shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Sega will be giving Phantasy Star Portable a sequel. And soon! The new game, Phantasy Star Portable 2, is set for release this Winter.

Unfortunately, none of this is exactly official yet. Word of the sequel comes from an image that has surfaced on Japanese blogs and message boards:

The image details the content of the PSU Chronicles UMD video disc that will be included with the upcoming budget re-release of Phantasy Star Portable. The main content of the disc's 63 minutes are three episodes from the Phantasy Star Universe saga as narrated by the main characters. Sega will also be including the opening movie from Phantasy Star Portable 2, claimed to be set for winter release.

I haven't seen the source of this image myself, so take this as a rumor for now. But, then again, when your game sells 600,000 copies, a sequel is inevitable. Phantasy Star Portable's budget re-release is due for October 8 release, so we'll likely hear more about Phantasy Star Portable 2 as September's Tokyo Game Show approaches.

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