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New DSi Dieting Software Encourages You To Take Pics of Your Tummy

Before and after shots help to burn the fat.


Namco Bandai made mention some tome back of a diet program for DSi Ware. That title is about to hit. DSi owners will be able to download Utsushite Jikkan! Diet Memo starting tomorrow (8/5) for 500 DSi Points.

The first part of the name translates to something along the lines of "Take Pictures To Get a Real Feel For It." The catch with this particular dieting software is its use of photographs. You're encouraged to take before and after pictures of your waist, face, and other areas of concern. This will allow you to get a visual feel for your weight loss.

Before and after.

The DSi's camera can also be used to take pictures of your meals. You can then mark the pictures up with calorie information and make comparisons to a daily target. The software can store up to 10 meals a day for 90 days.

Outside of the camera functionality, the software allows users to input their weight and body fat percentage twice a day, once in the afternoon and once at night. The program can store and graph 1,000 days worth of data, allowing you to see any gradual changes.

Data for weight, body fat, and calorie intake can be exported in CSV file format to your system's SD card. This will allow you to view the data in a spreadsheet program on your PC.

See Gpara.com for more screens of Diet Memo.

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