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Meet Japan's Rubi Malone

Japanese voice actress for Wet lead revealed at 50 Yen launch event.


ZeniMax Asia is giving a Japanese release to Wet.

That probably means more mega billboards around Shibuya:

(Those are for Fallout 3, which sold pretty well for a foreign game, and 50 Cent, which didn't sell all that well -- probably because they forgot to translate its name to 50 Yen).

Yes, ZeniMax appears to put a good amount of effort into its Japanese game releases, and this looks like it will hold true for Wet.

The company shared some unexpected info on Wet's Japanese version at a 50 Cent launch commemoration event on the 31st. The company revealed that the game's main character, Rubi Malone, will be voiced by Yu-ki of music group TRF.

Here's Yu-ki in real life:

Here she is performing her lines

And here's her in-game counterpart:

At the 50 Cent event, Yu-ki delivered a video message about her new role, saying, "All these words that I'd never used kept on appearing."

I personally don't know too much about Wet, but it's possible she's talking about the game's foul language. This is the first time I've ever seen the phrase "F-word" (written in Japanese katakana as Fワード) on Japanese game sites like 4gamer.

PS3 players can look forward to Wet on September 17. The 360 version is currently flagged with a general 2009 date.

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