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Airu Conducts Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary CD

Soundtrack for Japan's biggest game due out later this month.


Check out the cover of the latest Monster Hunter soundtrack:

It's Airu conducting, Airu on strings, and Airu on brass!

Fully titled Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary Orchestra Concert: Hunting Music Festival, this CD release includes all the live performances from May 6th's Hunting Music Festival concert event.

Of course, Airu didn't really have anything to do with the show. The performance consisted of Hirofumi Kurita leading the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Joining the world famous orchestra was Ikuko on vocals and a number of performers for the more "tribal" sounds required of the series.

The CD includes a total of 13 songs and comes with an 8 page full color booklet featuring commentary from the developers, composer and conductor as well as analysis of all the songs.

Look for the CD on August 19 through Capcom Selupter. Pricing is set at ¥3,570.

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