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Gran Turismo Portable May Have Some Download Content

Amazon offers product code for special car color.


Gran Turismo series mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi has stated in the past that Gran Turismo's PSP installment won't have download content.

He was probably referring to paid download content. An Amazon.co.jp listing for the game details at least one piece of free content that will be downloadable.

The listing states that a limited first run version of the game will include a product code for a special color car model. The site does not provide specifics beyond this.

It's unclear if this is an Amazon-only offering, or if other retailers will have similar product codes.

But it does look like the long awaited PSP racing sim will at least offer the capacity at some level for download content. And as long as they keep it free, it's doubtful anyone will complain.

Gran Turismo hits PSP here in Japan on October 8. The game will carry a slightly higher than usual ¥5,480 price point. A downloadable version will also be offered, although specifics on this version are obviously not detailed in the Amazon listing.

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