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DSi Sales Top Three Million

System crosses 27 million according to Enterbrain numbers.


Domestic sales of the DSi sales have topped the three million mark, Famitsu.com reported today. As usual, the site sourced data from its parent company, Enterbrain.

As of August 2, the last day of Enterbrain's latest weekly tracking period, DSi sales stood at 3,062,920 units. Domestic sales for the DS platform as a whole crossed the 27 million mark over the week (Media Create reported a similar feat two weeks back).

DSi crossed the two million mark back in March. The system saw a sales burst then due to the release of new colors.

The latest push above the 3 million mark was presumably fueled by Dragon Quest IX and the release of a new red colored system. Following the simultaneous release of the two products on July 11, the system saw a five fold increase in sales.

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