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Spike Planning New Kenka Bancho Games?

A PSP remake could be on the way, with a sequel to follow!

Image from Kenka Bancho 3.

The Kenka Bancho series will at last be hitting the West via Atlus, who recently announced Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble for 2010 release in North America. That title is a localization of Kenka Bancho 3, the first PSP entry in the series following two outings on the PS2.

So what can PSP owners do if they like what they see and want to learn of the series' origins? It looks like you won't need to invest in a PS2, as a remake of the 2005 original may be on the way to the portable!

This isn't official just yet. First word of a remake recently surfaced via a retail listing. The remake is titled Kenka Bancho Portable and promises a number of features, including data install for quick loading and battle scene effects updated to Badass Rumble level.

Spike will also be including video footage showing "the latest information for the Kenka Bancho series." While the listing doesn't specifically state "sequel," it would be hard to imagine "latest information" covering anything else!

Look for Kenka Bancho Portable on October 29, priced at ¥3,990.

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