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Wii Okami May Finally Be Coming to Japan

Retail listing suggests October release for Clover Studio port.


Okami has been on the Wii for some time now. If you're outside of Japan, at least. In Capcom's home territory, the only place to play the game remains, to this day, PlayStation 2.

It looks like that's at long last about to change. A retailer called Happinet Online posted a listing recently for a Japanese release for the game. Okami will hit the Japanese Wii on October 15, priced at ¥3,990.

We'll have to wait for Capcom to confirm this, of course, but these types of retail listings tend to be accurate.

The real interesting point of note is that the October 15 release date puts Okami close to the October 29 release of Bayonetta on PS3 and Xbox 360. Both titles are from what could be considered the same studio under its new self, Platinum Games, and old self, Clover Studio.

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