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Hori Redesigns Xbox 360 Twinsticks

Now it looks like a tank. Here's my ¥30,000!


Hori has changed the design of its Xbox 360 Twinsticks EX controller once again. The peripheral maker sent out today a first image of what will presumably the final form of the pricey peripheral.

Formally announced in June, the Twinsticks EX controller is made exclusively for use with the currently in release Xbox Live Arcade version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. The controller replicates the dual lever control scheme of the Virtual On arcade units, but at a cost. Players are being asked ¥30,000 for the order-only device.

Based off feedback from potential buyers, the device underwent some changes following its initial design. Hori unveiled what it said was the final design back in early July as it kicked off formal sales for the product. Today, the company announced that it has completed another redesign in the hope of further improving quality.

Here's the new final design:

With its massive base and sloped front, the difference should be obvious from the original two designs, shown here:

The old design.

Hori cites two specific changes to the product. The product has seen size changes for greater stability. Its front has been given a sloped shape in order to keep your hands from striking it when playing on a table.

Those who don't like the new form will be able to cancel their orders for a lower fee than previously announced. If orders are cancelled by August 6 at 18:00, Hori will charge ¥1,000 for bank transfer orders and ¥5,000 for web money orders. Cancellations following this will incur the original charges.

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