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Did You Know...

Stuff I didn't know that you might have not known either (although if you did, sorry for being ignorant!)


Here's the first (and probably last) installment of a column where I write about stuff that I recently learned that is probably not new information.

Stuff like this:

Did you know that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X take place in the same world?

I sure didn't.

I was clued in on this little bit via Gadget News. According to the site, FFX and FFVII are set in the same world, only separated by more than 2,000 years. FFX comes first chronologically.

Apparently, this connection between the two seemingly unrelated FF games is mentioned in official guide books for FFX and FFX-2.

I played FFVII to death. But for FFX, the only memory I have is of me and DJ Coolio using it to test out the PlayStation 2 hard disc peripheral and making fun of the stuttering animation (yes, comparisons were made to Shenmue!).

I played much more of FFX-2 (this has everything to do with the fact that the main characters are all hot chicks who dance and play dress up during combat).

(the above cosplay image of Yuna from deviantART has nothing to do with the connection between FFX and FFVII).

To confirm the connection between the two titles, I visited the relevant Wikipedia pages. There does indeed seem to be a connection. Apparently, a descendant of a character from FFX-2 created Shinra.


But I find myself wondering why Square Enix left this part of FFVII unexplored when it milked the series for all it was worth during the recent Compilation atrocity.

The little manga at the Gadget News site, by the way, depicts a news broadcast reporting on the connection between FFVII and FFX. The girl is all, "Yeah no shit" (at least, that's how I'd translate what she's saying given that little know-it-all look of hers).


Did you know that Magnacarta II spans two discs?

Here they are, broken into four half discs:

Thank goodness for the towel!

If you like disc carnage, visit Hachimaki.

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