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Dream Club: The Point Card

And the promise of download content to make you use those limited edition points.


D3 Publisher hasn't shared specifics on download content for its hostess simulator with androids Dream Club just yet. But download content is on the way post launch. And you'll be able to stay in the family when making your digital purchases thanks to these newly announced products:

These two limited edition Microsoft Point Cards are being offered in commemoration of Dream Club's August 27 release. Each one goes for ¥5,250. As you can see, the two cards combine to form a single picture. Collect both for maximum illusion!

A press release today from Microsoft announcing the cards said that Dream Club will see costumes, accessories and voices offered in download form. Additionally, in what appears to be a shout out to Idol Master, D3 will offer monthly "download content catalogues" for the game.

Strangely, the point cards won't be available in time for Dream Club's release. Those who want to buy in style will have to wait until October 8.

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