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Nintendo Now Requires DSi For DS Classroom

Upcoming education initiative sees a few changes ahead of its Spring start.

Sample images of the DS Classroom system.

The requirements for Nintendo's new DS Classroom program just got a bit stricter. Nintendo posted notice today of a change in the specifications to the program, now requiring that participants use the DSi.

Announced in early June, DS Classroom is a service that lets teachers interact with students via the DS. Teachers can create lesson plans on a PC and send questions to individual student DS units. The service is being developed between Nintendo and Sharp System Products.

Originally, Nintendo said the service would be compatible with all variations of the DS hardware, including DSi, DS Lite and the original DS. Today, the company amended the requirements. Students will now make use of a customized DSi unit. Additionally, rather than the cartridges that were initially planned, the program will make use of internal DSi software.

Nintendo points out four advantages to the new specifications:

  • Software is internal and thus easier to manage.
  • The wireless speed is faster
  • The DSi screen is large and thus easier to use for input
  • The DSi camera can be used

Nintendo and Sharp are still working towards a Spring start for the service.

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