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Dragon Quest IX Shipments Top 3.5 Million

Title continues sales push. But will it reach 5 million?


More Dragon Quest IX sales news today. Square Enix announced that the RPG blockbuster has topped the 3.5 million mark in domestic shipments.

We've been hearing continual updates on DQIX's sales status these past weeks. Most recently, Enterbrain announced that the game had topped the 3.2 million sold mark.

Today's shipment update from Square Enix contained word that actual sales of the game have now reached 3,390,230 units. This figure comes from Enterbrain and covers through August 2, the end of the last week's tracking period.

DQIX has also managed to stay in the top spot on both Media Create and Enterbrain sales charts since its release. That will likely change this week due to Monster Hunter 3.

Square Enix has said that it expects DQIX to eventually top the five million mark.

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