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Stitch DS Gets a Full Name

Sample new game in advance at Tokyo Character Street.


Disney Interactive Studio gave a final name to its new Stitch game today. The DS adaptation of the popular animated franchise, which has strangely only been announced for Japan thus far, will carry the full title of Stitch! DS Ohana to Rhythm de Daibouken. The Japanese translates to "Big Adventure With Ohana and Rhythm."

Different from past Lilo and Stitch adaptations, Stitch! DS is a rhythm game. You take control of Stitch and friends in variety of missions set in space, out on the seas, and in a variety of areas.

Disney will be giving players a chance to try out the game in advance at Tokyo Character Street, an event that runs from today through August 11 at Tokyo Station. A festival exclusively about Stitch is being held as part of this event and will offer both a look at Stitch! goods from around the country and demo kiosks for Stitch! DS.

The final version of the game is due for release some time this year.

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