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Sega Shares More Yakuza 4 Voice Actors

Ikki Sawamura and Kenichi Endo join the growing cast


Sega's hype campaign for Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (the fourth entry in the series that may still be known as Yakuza overseas) continued today with a second round of voice actor announcements. Joining the cast for the upcoming PS3 sequel are Ikki Sawamura and Kenichi Endo.

Sawamura, a once fashion model who's since moved on to dramas and movies, will play the role of Hiroaki Arai, a member of the Tojokai gang. In comments shared with the press today, Arai said that this is the first time he's done this type of "manly" character, and he felt a bit of pressure as a result.

Ikki Sawamura

Endo, a star of movies and television dramas, will play the role of Junji Sugiuchi, a detective with the Kamiyacho Police. He said that the character has two sides, and he hopes that he managed to create the sadness that troubles the character internally.

Kenichi Endo.

As with the the first two voice actor reveals, Hiroki Narimiya as Masayoshi Tanimura and Kenta Kiritani as Takeshi Kido, Endo and Sawamura will have their likenesses appear in the game. Sega shared shots of the 3D image scanning process for the two.

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