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Yet Another Series of Cheapo DSi Ware Games

Genterprise debutes new G.G Series with two releases later this month.


It It appears to be somewhat of a growing trend for the DSi Ware download service: whole series of games at 200 DSi Points a pop. Nintendo is currently doing it with Electroplankton and Game&Watch. And now Genterprise is getting in on the act with its new G.G Series.

According to an official site that Generprise opened today, the G.G Series will consist of original titles released at 200 DSi Points each. The company promises "game-like games" spanning a variety of genres. Each month will see one to two releases.

The series kicks off on August 19 with two titles.

G.G Series Energy Chain is a puzzle game where you attempt to connect like-colored panels together to complete circuits. Once a circuit is complete, the panels disappear.

G.G Series Conveyor Konpou is a puzzle game where you attempt to pack penguin stuffed animals into boxes by pairing up like-colored boxes and penguins. Your goal is to get the most penguins wrapped up in the least amount of time.

The "G.G" in the series' name stands for a variety of things, according to the official site. In addition to the name of the company, Genterprise, it can also stand for the concept of "game-like games" as well as key words like "General" and "Global."

Original resolution screenshots of the two debut titles can be seen at Famitsu.com.

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