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Strategy Guides Dominate Book Charts

Murakami cannot compete with Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter 3.


Dragon Quest IX's official starter's guide made headlines following its July 11 release opposite DQIX itself as it topped the Oricon book charts. Not the Oricon video game strategy guide charts -- the general Oricon book charts.

The DQIX guide has actually managed to top the Oricon book charts now four weeks in a row. And this week, it has a friend. Debuting in second in its first week is the Monster Hunter 3 Wii Version First Try Book. This ¥1,000 guide sold 35,619 units following its release just ahead of MH3's release on August 1.

The winner? Weekly Jump publisher Shueisha. Both guides are produced by the editors of V Jump and published by Shueisha.

The looser? Haruki Murakami. Parts one and two of his hard cover 1Q84, now take, respectively, third and fourth on the charts. Of course, they're both approaching a million copies each, so I'm certain Murakami doesn't mind one bit.

According to a news report at Oricon, this is the first time since its started publishing book rankings that game strategy guides have taken the first and second spot in the charts.

There's actually one more game strategy guide in the top 10. Enterbrain's ¥998 Monster Hunter 3 Rookie's Guide took 9th in its debut week, selling 22,558 copies.

No wonder Enterbrain and Jump don't seem to mind when all their magazine information gets leaked out onto the internet in advance.

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