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Lord of Vermilion 2 Teaser Site Open

First details on the end result of Square Enix's latest countdown.


Square Enix's latest countdown reached zero today, and as you might have already heard through the usual magazine leaks, the game in question ended up being Lord of Vermilion II.

You can get a first look at artwork for the game via the newly opened teaser site.

The site offers a glimpse at a few pieces of information that are shown in greater detail in this week's Famitsu.

The big focal point for Square Enix's early hype campaign for the game appears to be in its crossovers. LoV II will feature magic and illustrations from Final Fantasy IV, Romancing SaGa 2 and Magic the Gathering. From FFIV comes Cain, Rydia, Edge and Golbeza. From SaGa 2 comes the seven heroes: Wagnas, Dantag, Noel, Kzinssie, Bokhohn, Rocbouquet, and Subier . From Magic the Gathering comes Birds of Paradise, Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, and Nicol Bolas/Planeswalker.

Tie-ups aren't new for the Lord of Vermilion series. Past entries have featured characters from Valkyrie Profile, Drakengard, and Last Remnant.

Although not detailed at the new site, Famitsu provides information on gameplay updates for the game. Here's a recap of the info. See the magazine itself (and presumably Famitsu.com over the weekend) for screenshots.

As you might have guessed from all the tie-ups, LoV II will feature new magic cards. The original had over 280. Long time fans can rest assured that the cards from the original can be used with the sequel and can even be combined with LoV II specific cards.

One major new feature for the sequel are Ultimate Spells. These spells have a variety of effects -- healing your party members, for instance. Prior to battle, you can equip yourself with up to three of them. The conditions for using them have yet to specified.

LoV II will also feature a new story. The first one surrounded a battle faced by main characters Nedo and Lucia. Specifics on the story haven't been revealed, but it looks like players can expect to face off in battles against giant bosses once again, including such Square Enix beasts as Titan and Ramuh.

The game also promises a number of other updates, including the ability to select from three gameplay speeds in all modes.

Arcade goers can look forward to Lord of Vermilion II some time this fall.

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