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Get Your First Look at Shadow Tower

Hudson's new WiiWare game has an intriguing concept and an ICO look.


This week's Famitsu was full of new game information, but perhaps the most intriguing reveal in the issue was a new Wii game from Hudson called "Kage no Tou," or "Shadow Tower."

In Shadow Tower, you take control of the shadow of a young boy. Your character exists amongst the shadows of the game world. That is to say, he's in the background, moving about on the shadows of objects from the real world.

First screenshots, revealed via the game's newly opened official site should help you better get the point. See if you can spot the boy's shadow in these:

Your overall goal in the game is to reach the top of a soaring tower known as the Black Tower. The stages of play take place in and around the tower.

To work through the stages, you'll have to make use of the relationship between shadows and their real world objects. In the shadow plane, for instance, you can push the shadow of a lever. Doing so makes the real version of the lever move, powering up a machine. If the machine ends up moving, you'll end up seeing changes to the shadow plane, possibly opening up new paths.

You also have access to a butterfly shadow character which has the unique ability to directly interact with the real world. You can make the butterfly fly past lights, for instance, causing the lights to shake and shift the shadows in the shadow plane, again leading to new paths.

Hudson hasn't detailed the game's control scheme, but I'm going to speculate that you control the boy directly with the analogue pad. The butterfly looks like a perfect candidate for pointer controls. At the official site, the mouse pointer has been made into the butterfly.

The Shadow Tower official site.

Shadow Tower gave me an ICO feel when I first saw it in Famitsu. The artwork has the soft feel of the PlayStation 2 classic. The story also has a similar vagueness about it. Your character's origins and name are unknown. Similarly, the reason he has to reach the top of the tower is -- at this point, at least -- unclear.

Some of this vagueness could be because the game is in an early state. It's currently on 30% complete, Famitsu reports, and is as yet without a general release time frame.

But more information on the game could be coming shortly. The official site has an inactive link to a trailer, so we'll hopefully get a look at the game in motion in the not so distant future.

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