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Final Fantasy XIII Release Announcement Coming Prior to Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix CEO says development progressing smoothly, hints at Tokyo Game Show appearance.

We could be hearing a whole lot more about FFXIII as TGS approaches.

Final Fantasy XIII is currently marked with a general winter 2009 release time frame. It's held that same release period for many months now. But things are about to become a bit more specific shortly.

IT Media reports today that a release date announcement for FFXIII could be coming shortly. According to the site, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada was asked during an earnings briefing today to share the release month for the game. "We'll make an announcement in a few weeks," said Wada.

Wada also said "development is progressing smoothly," and suggested that the game could be on display at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 24 through September 27. Square Enix has yet to share its lineup for the event.

UPDATE: Impress Watch has provided a report of its own on the briefing. According to the site, Wada said of the game's release time frame (presumably the month), "It's actually been set. It will be announced before the Tokyo Game Show. It won't be announced at the European event gamescom."

Outside of Final Fantasy XIII, Wada spoke at length about Dragon Quest IX, touching upon sales, negative online reviews, and overseas releases. See this story for more on that.

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