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This is Why Jump Gets all the Scoops

How can one magazine reach so many people who aren't old?


Do you ever hear about some new Jump reveal showing first screenshots of the new Dragon Quest game or first information about the new Final Fantasy character and wonder how a comic magazine can get all the scoops?

Well, here's your answer:

That's an image from magazine Nikkei Entertainment showing top magazine readership for males ages 15 through 26. The five columns list the top five magazines for each age group.

If you can't read the Japanese, just look for pink. That's the color Nikkei assigned Weekly Shounen Jump. That's right, the comic magazine is the number one magazine for all age groups except 18 and 36!

Famitsu is scattered between 2 and 5 for ages 26 and up. Hachimaki (where I got this info from) circled Famitsu in red.

Dengeki PlayStation appears a couple of times on the list, but there's one clear winner if you want maximum exposure for your game.

I'm going to wager that the Dragon Quest X will, like Dragon Quest IX, see its first screenshot leaked out from a Weekly Shounen Jump scan.

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