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Online Retailer Dates Lunar

An RPG classic gets a PSP revival in November.


What would small sites like this do without retailers and their habit of breaking release dates ahead of official announcements? The latest offender (savior?) is Ami Ami, who recently posted a release date for Lunar Harmony of Silver Star.

The PSP remake of the Sega CD's Final Fantasy killa will arrive through Gung Ho Works on November 12, the retailer reports. Standard pricing for the game is ¥5,040.

Everything else in the listing has been announced, although I think some of the information about the game's bonus item is new. According to the listing, the previously announced Lunar Harmony of Silver Star Limited Soundtrack bonus item will include classic Lunar music as arranged by composer Noriyuki Iwadare for the game's PSP debut. Also included are piano arranged versions of three songs prepared especially for the soundtrack, and special versions of Kyoko Hikami's theme songs Tsu-ba-sa 2009 and Kaze no Nocturne 2009.

What a perfect way to celebrate the release of the PSP go!

A November release means that Lunar will presumably see its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show. I know where I'll be on the show's first day!

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