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Xbox 360 VS PlayStation 3: Release Date Challenge

Release dates! Get your fresh release dates!


The andriasang.com release date chart has been updated for the first time in... well ever, actually!

I once took great pride in having the most up-to-date Japanese release date list around. And then the site actually launched and I stopped checking up on the list.

That all ended today as I spent my Sunday afternoon scrutinizing the PS3 and 360 lists. Be sure and check out the rend result here:

I'm pretty certain that these are as up to date as you can get, based off official site information and magazine release lists. Just a note, though -- the dates are all official, so I don't put in dates like the recent Lunar release date that was disclosed by a retailer.

Incidentally, I updated the PS3 and X360 lists first because they have the least number of releases and would thus take the least amount of time. This has nothing to do with any system bias I apparently have.

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