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Who's That Cat on the Cover of the Latest Wii Game?

Jorudan's new title has mischievous cats and shenanigans.


Take a look at these screens of Jorudan's latest Wii game and see if you can figure out what type of madness is going on:

Don't worry too much if you're baffled. I've poured over all the Japanese info on the game, and I'm still not sure what it's all about.

According to Jorudan, Sukeban Shacho Rena Wii is an adventure game featuring cat blogger Rena and the cat trio Let's Go 3 from long running girl's magazine Josei Seven.

You play as a cat who's undergoing an initiation to become an employee at Cat Queen Inc., a company headed up by CEO Rena and her staff consisting of Let's Go 3 members. You have to undertake a variety of mini games in order to earn favor with Rena.

Once you've cleared a mini game in the game's story mode, you gain access to it in the game's free play mini game mode. Earn high scores in these games, and you'll be able to unlock up to 16 rewards, some of which can be used to dress up Rena.

If you like what you see (or even if you just understand what you see!), head to the Rena Wii official site for more screens and some wallpapers. The game hits Wii on October 22 at ¥4,410.

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