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Maplus 3 Redated

More ways to navigate the city on your PSP.

PSP gets its third Maplus navigation software.

Edia announced today a new final release date for Maplus Portable Navi 3. Following a delay last month, the PSP mapping program will now arrive on September 10.

Pricing for the two UMD set is ¥8,190. For your yen, you'll get a number of new features over part 2, including compatibility with the Place Engine, through which the software connects with nearby wireless LAN spots to obtain position information even without Sony's separately sold GPS receiver unit.

Edia is also offering tie-ups for the program. Similar to part 2, famous voice actors will lend their talents as paid downloadable navigators. You can hear samples here. The game also has more visual tie-ups, notably with Sony's Docodemo Issyo series. You can see samples here.

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