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Next Sengoku Basara Set for Wii -- Nikkei

Capcom strengthens ties with Nintendo; plans to cooperate on overseas release of Monster Hunter 3.


Capcom's platform shyness at the recent announcement of Sengoku Basara 3 was apparently all for naught. An article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun today (a partial transcript can be seen online) reveals that the next entry in the series will be coming to Wii.

It should be noted that the paper does not specifically refer to the new game as part 3. However, given that part 3 was announced a few weeks back, this is almost certainly the title in question.

The Nikkei story is, more largely, about Capcom strengthening its relationship in development and sales with Nintnedo. The two firms plan to work together on promotions and game demo events

Overseas, Capcom will be working with Nintendo on the release of Monster Hunter 3, with Nintendo tapping into its experience with Pokemon to help push the game. This release will take place in early 2010.

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