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Fun With Wii Sales Stats

Let's see how Monster Hunter 3 stacks up with its predecessors.

Mosnter Hunter 3 is now the top selling Wii third party game. Hut we'll hold off on the feasts of well cooked meat until it's sold the million Capcom shipped.

Media Create won't release its weekly software sales figures until tomorrow. But that source of early sales information, Sinobi, came through today with an early preview. As always, Sinobi's stats are based off Enterbrain data.

The top selling game for the week was the PS2 version of SD Gundam G Generation Wars, with 196,000 units sold. The Wii version sold 33,000 units. Taken together, and the two come close to 2007's PS2 SD Gundam G Generation Spirits, which had first week sales of 231,000 units.

Tales of VS took second place for the week with 153,000 units. This is less than the 210,000 debut for Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2. Perhaps the change in genre is making Tales fans take a wait and see approach?

Other notable releases for the week include Magnacarta 2 at 38,000 units, Tingle Balloon Trip of Love at 33,000 units, and Blood of Bahamut at 32,000 units. I'm not sure if Blood of Bahamut's numbers are good or not. But, then again, I'm also not sure why Square Enix released it so close to Dragon Quest IX.

This week's evidence that bringing your franchise to the Wii may not work out too well comes from Pop 'n Music, which hit the Wii last week to a total of 1,500 unit sales.

Monster Hunter 3 sold 138,000 units this week, placing it in third place in the Enterbrain software charts. Total sales for the game now stand at 720,000 units, making it the top selling third party game for the Wii in Japan. It just came short of that feat last week.

Sinobi provided a top ten of third party Wii games for comparison. Here's the list, with sales listed as first week/lifetime

  • Monster Hunter 3: 583,000/720,000
  • Taiko Drum Master Wii: 115,000/588,000
  • Dragon Quest Sword: 302,000/489,000
  • Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: 105,000/274,000
  • Decasporta: 67,000/261,000
  • Karaoke Joysound Wii: 63,000/235,000
  • Monster Hunter G: 143,000/225,000
  • Tales of Symphonia Ratatoskr no Kishi: 151,000/212,000
  • Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Neo: 43,000/166,000
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition: 47,000/136,000

In its second week of sales, Monster Hunter 3 saw a similar drop off to that of the PS2 version of Monster Hunter 2. Sinobi notes that if the game continues to follow the PS2 entry's sales pattern, it would end up with 800,000 or so sales, which would be a problem considering Capcom shipped a million of the suckers. Of course, it's possible that the game will have longer Wii-like legs, so perhaps the sales won't flatten as quickly.

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