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Hudson Celebrates Line Barrels at Pizza Hut

I spent my summer writing useless video game stories.


Okay, Japanese summer and dead people, you win. I've got so little to write about that I'm going to write about Hudson's Line Barrels of Iron Pizza Hut tie-up campaign.

Line Barrels of Iron is a simulation RPG for PSP that's due for release on October 8. It's based off the manga and upcoming anime of the same name. You can see screens and so-forth at the official site.

The Line Barrels of Iron Pizza Hut campaign is being held in commemoration of the game. From August 10 through September 6, all members of the Pizza Hut Club (why anyone would join such a club I really don't know) can download special Line Barrels wallpapers. Additionally, anyone who places an online order with Pizza Hut (this I can understand -- Pizza Hut Japan doesn't suck as much as I remember the American Pizza Hut sucking) will be entered into a contest to win prizes that include copy of the PSP game, a promotional poster for the PSP game, and a 1/44 scale Line Barrel model.

Pizza Hut actually does lots of game promotions. Check out the available goods in Sony's My Summer Vacation 4 campaign.

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