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Latest Dragon Quest IX Quest Info

Two story quests hit this week.


While much of Japan may be on break for summer and Obon, Square Enix isn't letting up with its Dragon Quest IX download content. Friday sees the expected release of two new download quests for the game. Let's take a look.

First up is Buchi Kowase Sukima wo. Quest number 128 for the game, you can take this on in St. Shutein once you've cleared the game and also cleared normal quest 007 (Kigakari na Sukima). The quest is taken from a man at the bottom of a well -- the same person who assigned you quest 007 during the main game.

The second quest is also a story quest. Titled Shomotsu no Kagi wo Sagase, quest number 129 for the game can be taken in St. Shutein once you've cleared the game, cleared normal quest 23 (Rekishisho wo Sagase) and cleared add-on quest 127 (Ou no Miru Yume). This quest continues quest 127 and has you take on a request from Princess Fionne. Apparently, those who clear this quest will unlock a new gesture.

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