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Dream Club Gets Bonus Item and "Special Car."

D3 continues to push its Idol Master killa.


D3 Publisher continues to keep Dream Club in the news as its August 27 release approaches. Today, the company detailed a bonus item for the game along with a new promotional campaign.

The bonus item, which will be included with the first pressing of the game, is a code for downloading a blazer-type school uniform for the hostesses. This item will only be available via the special download code.

Even the card that houses the code is a bonus item in itself, as it's meant to look like the members card that your in-game counterpart uses.

As for the promotional campaign, D3's announcement today was somewhat vague. Previously, the company announced a demo event, to be held on August 20 from 17:00 to 22:00 at the Games Maya in the Kasai area of Tokyo. Apparently, a special Dream Club car will make an appearance at the event. Those interested in specifics will have to head out to Games Maya on the 20th.

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