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Alchemist Brings Saki anime to PSP

Company makes new announcements at fan appreciation event.


Alchemist held its annual Alche Festival event on August 15 at Tokyo Big Site as part of Comic Market 76. As reported at Dengeki Online, the fan appreciation event saw stage events highlighting upcoming games from the company and also featured a few first ever product unveilings.

Getting some time in front of the fans were PS2's Sekirei: Present From the Future and PSP's Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition.

Sekirei is an adventure game that's based off a comic that's now being serialized in Square Enix's Young GanGan comic magazine. It features an original story and original characters. A release is set for October 29.

Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition was only recently announced. A powered-up version of 2008's 3D fighting game Higurashi Daybreak Portable, Mega Edition features three new characters, new event scenes between battle, improved battle balance, data install for faster load times, new costumes, and a new opening animation. A release is set for November 26. Alchemist will offer a Limited Edition Box which includes three deform-character figures and a drama CD.

Joining these two previously announced titles were two brand new games, one for the DS and one for the PSP.

DS owners can look forward to Extremely Scary Story DS: Blue Chapter, a horror adventure game that's being supervised by horror writer Yumeaki Hirayama and features narration by voice actor Chafurin. A release is set for October 22.

Less is known about the PSP title, Saki. This is a conversion of an anime of the same name. Alchemist did not share specifics on the game version.

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