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Xbox 360 Gets More Sh'mups

Mushi Hime and Espgaluda II on the way.


The Xbox 360's status as the place to go for your shoot-em-up needs shows no sign of letting up. Over the weekend, the shooting masters at Cave made two major announcements for the system.

Of particular note was the announcement of Espgaluda II Black Label for release in Spring 2010. This is an updated version of Espgaluda II, which hit arcades in November 2005. The 360 version will see redone visuals and a number of new as yet undisclosed elements.

Cave also shared first release information for a previously announced 360 port, Mushi Hime Sama Futari Ver 1.5. Based off version 1.5 of 2006's Mushi Hime Sama sequel, Mushi Hime Sama Futari, the 360 version ups the visuals to high def and adds new features.

A release for Mushi Hime is now set for November 26. Cave will offer a standard version of the game at ¥7,140 and a ¥9,660 first print run limited version that includes a 2 disc Mushi Hime Double Arranged Soundtrack. The first runs of both versions will come with a download code for downloading version 1.01 of Mushi Hime Sama Futari.

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