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Acquire's New Countdown Site is Multiethnic

Way of the Samurai developer countdown to something that may or may not be a game.


Way of the Samurai developer Acquire is counting down to something. A game? Apparently not. The developer is actually counting down to the proper start of Acquire Online.

I'm not entirely sure what Acquire Online is, but it could be a site that's tied into the firm's online gaming business. A press release from the company states that it has as of today properly started this particular area of its business. This move comes about a year after it announced the development of MMORPG Zipang.

See the Acquire Online pre site for the countdown. The fingers appear to be folding down to an unveiling on August 20 at 11:00. At that time, Acquire promises a major announcement of some form.

You probably should know that, according to the Acquire press release, the countdown site features the hands of four males and females of such backgrounds as Japanese, Canadian and Estonian.

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