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Politician Insults Dragon Quest Fans in Akihabara, Gets Booed

Things not to do when giving a speech in Tokyo's otaku capital.

Mr. Kan's smile probably wasn't so bright after he got told off by Dragon Quest IX players.

Akihabara's giant Yodobashi Multimedia retailer was buzzing with activity yesterday. In addition to the usual crowds at the shop's outdoor Ruida's Pub, a special area designed for Dragon Quest IX players to exchange game data (it's named after the same Ruida's Pub that serves as your base of operations in the game), some 200 people had gathered outside the electronic capital's central train station exit for an evening speech to be given by former Democratic Party leader Naoto Kan. Kan was speaking in support of Banri Kaieda, who's running in the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives for Tokyo's 1st District, which includes Akihabara.

The proximity of the speech area to the Ruida's Pub area caused some conflict, according to this morning's Nikkei. Kan, apparently noting that the large crowd at the Ruida's Pub area who weren't paying attention to his speech, suddenly said "There are many people enjoying games at that place called Ruida's Pub. Having fun is great. But human human relationships have become lacking."

Kan's commentary prompted some harsh reactions from the DQIX players, with one man shouting that Kan should leave them alone. Another shouted "You're giving a speech? I was unaware. I'm not even interested."

You should probably refrain from taking shots at gamers in Akihabara, Naoto-kun. And making an enemy of the 3.5 million people who bought Dragon Quest IX probably isn't a good idea either.

(as seen at Hachimaki)

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